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This is your late night escape.

The Anatomy a Song (or many songs, rather).

Get Lost in the Truth

That state between being awake and being asleep is when we are most creative.

Slow Down and Really Truly Smell the Roses

Because, life gets the best of us.

Find your way towards your truth.

The flowers. Fuzzy Socks. Trees. More than one lover. Many many lovers. Drum sticks and guitar strings. Sleeping in. Staying out late. Dancing under the stars. Laughing until your face falls off. Kittens. Rest. Sleep.


Break the non-imaginative, oppressive cycles and systems that make us unhappy, and sick

over and over and over…

leave behind your baggage

get back to your roots

Ask yourself this: How are you going to free your soul?!

that heal us, make us whole again:

Join me in the undoing.

See you there!

XO Mou

PS. These are not poems, This is not poetry, I am not a poet.

These are the beginnings of a song.

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When the grass is wet, you may sit and wallow. These could be poems, I guess. But mostly they are song ideas. How a song begins. Then, later it morphs itself.


I live in the air, where I am no longer cold.